3 Key Aspects That Inspire Our Work

Atualizado: Mar 6

A glimpse into how digital safety, calm technology, and digital wellness inspire the way we work and learn at Calm Tech.

Life is simple. Or it should be. Some say that we only need water, food, clothes, and shelter. But for the rest of us, things are not that simple, and thanks to Abraham Maslow, we have this:

"Maslow's Hierarchy of Needs" is a pyramid that contains the human being's needs in a hierarchical order. Abraham Maslow was an American psychologist in the science of behavior and mind. In 1943, he published a paper called "A Theory of Human Motivation" in Psychological Review. A person needs to fulfill each level of the pyramid from bottom to top before feeling motivated to achieve the next level.

For instance, the need for friendships will only arise after the need for food is fulfilled, and the motivation for being an ethical person won't show up if someone shows no self-esteem or respect for others.

You might be thinking by now in which level of the pyramid should technology appear? Before answering, we need to understand what technology means to us. After realizing the tool-material of tech, it becomes clear that it's doesn't belong intrinsically to any level, but that is also a no-brainer to add it to any level as it were an indispensable part.

The inclusion of technology as part of one or more levels of Maslow's pyramid happened through creeping normality and produced side-effects that affected the natural fulfillment mechanism initially established. Take sex (found both at physiological and belonging levels of the pyramid) as an example. Many psychological studies link porn (mostly available today through the internet) to many sexual dysfunctions, which indicates a substantial impact on the chances an individual could fulfill the base level or even level 3. Therefore we need to apply adjustments to our contemporary pyramid, first, by taking out technology and second by empowering people by creating the right conditions so they can come out with the best solutions to fulfill their hierarchical needs.

Digital Safety is a self-awareness mindset that applies risk management techniques to protect tech users from the hidden risks related to technology. Unclear terms of use, intrusive privacy policies, data leaks, expected end-of-life of support are some of the elements we help people analyze.

Some products and services are just so poorly designed that they have the potential to disrupt the pyramid. For instance, lots of people are facing problems related to levels three and four because of social media. If asked, most users would probably blame themselves for so much hate online. And, yes, people sometimes aren't thoughtful when writing comments. But, the thing is, the tech companies behind social media should be accountable for what happens inside the environment they've created because they've been reverse-engineering how our brains work to exploit its vulnerabilities and to profit from it.

We're an advocate to Calm Technology because products and services that embrace it focus on humans and not on tech. It means caring for you, making respectful use of your attention, and building a beneficial relationship between users and tech.

But despite all the problems with tech, we see fantastic use of technology happening around us. Most have nailed at least some of the hidden aspects of technology. They empower humans to be better humans in opposition to making humans act like robots or become hardware and software specialists.

We embrace Digital Wellness as a paramount value to our clients because, in this post-digital era, there is simply no point in using time-consuming, emotionally detrimental solutions that makes us feel down and unproductive.

Daily Haloha, for example, is a digital experience that fosters empathy and wellbeing among its users through elegant and minimalistic product design.

By inspiring our work in these timeless definitions, we can guide our clients towards the right path without risking losing focus. People will always be first, as we're grateful for the technology we have today and will have in the future, but we're never delighted with it.

And of course, we can still use tech; but we believe we need to be conscious about how and when we are using technology so we can become better human beings.

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