The Power of Disconnecting

Atualizado: 17 de Out de 2019

It has become common sense that we all need to disconnect once and a while to lead a mindful and happier life. But for many people, there is still a gap between realizing the truth about something and doing something about it. In this text, my goal is to inspire you to take action by understanding how powerful disconnecting from technology can be. Also, I will offer simple and straightforward suggestions to empower the fantastic human being that lies inside you in exploring the benefits of a more mindful existence.

First, let's start by making clear how important this is by comparing it to something you already care about. Imagine staying one entire week without brushing your teeth. Does that feel bearable for you? Most people probably wouldn't agree on doing this. So, how can we endure life without mental hygiene if we can't even hold a week without cleaning our teeth? Nothing indicates that taking care of our mental health is less important than taking care of our physical health. Therefore, we need to brush our minds too. The easiest way to do this is by removing both negative emotions and distractions from our minds. The following two methods accomplish this goal by making you step away from technology (disconnecting from all the distractions that pop up on our phones and laptops, for example) and by making you reconnect with your self.

The best way to see the world is thru our eyes.

Method #1: Stop (somewhere you can feel the good vibrations)

Go somewhere nice and quiet. By quiet I mean no traffic madness or people hustling and jabbering. For me, this almost means heading to a park or nature reserve. You can go by yourself or with someone you love being with. Talk about your true intentions with him or her prior your leave. Don't forget to check the weather forecast and to take all necessary precautions for this kind of activity. When you arrive, turn off your phone and talk only if necessary. I suggest hiking for some time (30 minutes is enough) to help you calm down. Please be careful not to get lost or injured in the way. Find somewhere safe to sit down. You don't need to close your eyes. The goal here is to observe yourself, your body, and how you are breathing. Also, take a moment to appreciate the scenery and to listen to the sounds of nature. Breath naturally as you take back the control of your mind. Stay as long as you feel safe and comfortable.

Method #2: Go Organic (with your habits for a day)

Set aside an entire day to stay away from tech at your home. Organize your bookshelf. Listen to good instrumental music. If you have any collections (stickers, stamps, etc..), maybe it would be the time to rediscover your personal treasure. Try cooking something legit and straightforward for dinner and lunch. Avoid distractions (including computers, phones, and TV). You can - and should - do the same sitting exercise explained in method #1. Pick a calm ambient like your garden or a quiet bedroom. Just sit down. You don't need to make any effort. Pay no attention to your wandering mind, and it will calm down eventually. The main goal for this day is to do everything organically while concentrating on each task. That means committing to no digital assignments. No computers. No smartphones. No fast food. By crafting your way throughout the day, that allows you to reconnect to your self and to become insightful.

These simple methods are powerful, but just as taking care of your teeth, you need to apply them often to get the results. Be patience. In the end, staying some time away from technology and reconnecting with your self will definitely pay off. Are you ready to lead a more mindful and happier life?

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